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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 24, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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came very close to homes. one house suffered some heat damage. the siding melted. inside that house is okay. and inside that house was 576-year-old woman. she was alone and she was asleep. she got out okay because a neighbor ran up to help her. we have also seen him working in the field side-by-side with the firefighters. residents say he's just that kind of guy. >> he saw the flames, so he rushed up here, hopped the fences and went inside with i guess somebody else. they had to force the door open because she wouldn't answer. they ran inside and woke her up and got her and the dogs out. >> reporter: that family is still looking for a cat tonight. they also lost a few cars in this fire, but overall, they're counting their blessings, a total of 20 acres burned near solano county.
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firefighters say it was a challenging fire because it's a rural area. farms, but with some homes as well so there aren't any hire hydrants so they didn't have a lot of water resources. and it's also very dry out here, hot day, a little bit of a breeze. so, they said they were very aggressive we the fire and were able to kind it down to 25 acres. the residents are okay but one firefighter is hurt. he suffered from smoke inhill explaition heat caution -- some inhalation but he will be okay. >> alan: a lot of people called 9-1-1 after they saw smoke on hyper37 -- highway 37. but it turned out to be a controlled burn. this is a picture of the flames 30 minutes ago, south of infineon raceway, fire crews set backfires to clear brush from a
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large field, far away from homes and structures. >> soccer games went on as planned at the concord park where a pipe bomb was found yesterday. leslie brinkly has more from newhall park where parents are still on edge. >> we feel safer. just here to play soccer. >> reporter: it wasn't a normal game day after three pipe bombs were found in this park this week. >> made us nervous coming here, but got our family eye side and told them what went on, and be aware of they're surroundings, and still a little apprehensive. >> walk in kind of -- yes. >> looking for anything suspicious. >> yes, yeah. >> reporter: on friday afternoon, new hal community park was completely shut down as 25 officers, along with the walnut creek bomb squad, and five explosive-sniffing dogs,
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combed the area for pipe bombs. one was found friday by a jogger on this trail boring are turtle creek road. two other bombs were discovered on wednesday. >> the opinion from the experts was they were constructed in a manner at that time -- that was consistent with a pipe bomb, and to determine whether or not they were an actual pipe bomb, the substances have to be taken a a lob. >> reporter: the bombs were detonated on this field. and the crater was filled in. the police are confident there were no more bombs. >> our day shifts has made frequent patrols and that will continue. >> reporter: parents and players were told to not pick up items that -- belong to them. >> one home was reported earlier, an unattend backpack, bus the police determined it was probably some homeless person's belongings. >> reporter: police investigate continues.
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parents say the planning of the pipe bombs in the park was a cowardly act. abc-7 news. >> alan: oscar grant's mother sat down for her first one-on-one interview since the verdict came down against johannes mehserle. she spoke with callers during this morning's gospel experience show. >> i think it's healing process for me as well as those who was under the sound of hearing my voice, being also getting a healing process. i think that to face what i faced, and what some of the callers have faced, it tragic. >> alan: grant's family is encouraging rallies across the country on october 23rd to push for the strongest sentence possible for micely. -- mehserle. >> for us as a community to come
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together to join hands and to believe and trust that the system will work. it will be a sad day that a sentencing comes back of just probation. we do not see that. we do not believe that. >> alan: mehserle's sentencing will take place in november, on november 5th. he remains in the l.a. county jail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter earlier this month. oakland police are releasing dedales related to a shooting last night. two 13-year-olds, boy and girl, were shot at a party in east oakland at 10:30. no suspects are in custody, and they now believe the victims will survive their injuries. in san francisco, police want to find out if a couple of thefts from atms were related. thieves emptied cash from the atm at union 76 station in the sunset district. it happened around 3:30 this
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morning. it appears they wrapped a chain around the atm, hooked the other end to the van's bumper, and pulled the front of the machine off. a similar theft took place as an atm along the south side of market street near 8th street this morning. president obama is urging liberals to keep up the fight. the president appeared in a pretaped video at a gathering of liberal bloggers and activists in las vegas. the video was introduced by speaker pelosi, who received a standing ovation when she took the stage. she told those unhappy with the pace of change to recognize what has been achieved in washington since the president was elected. up next, local veterans get a special honor at the oakland coliseum. the big thank you from the a's. in the clubhouse and on the field. also, the government okays medical marijuana for some v.a. hospitals. and a scary crash at an air show in canada. the pilot gets out in the nick
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of time. >> leigh: behind me you can see our high definition sutro cam. the low clouds and fog moving inland. you can also see in the background there, mount diablo. we're going enter into a cooling trend. we take a look at the seven-day
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: north korea is vowing to respond with nuclear deterrents if u.s. military exercises go on as scheduled. authority korea routinely threatens war when south korea ask the u.s. hold joint military drills. a massive search is underway in afghanistan for two missing u.s. navy service members. nato says they drove away from their compound in kabul yesterday and never returned. an official says they may have
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been killed or capture ud -- captured by the taliban. july is on track to become the deadliest month in the war in afghanistan for americans. veterans from the afghanistan and iraq wars were celebrated at the oakland a's game today. iraq veteran had the honors of throwing out the first pitch of the game. got to share a special moment with his family, including his one-month-old daughter. >> oakland a's are may favorite dream to to be given the honor of throwing out the first pitch, means a lot to me. hopefully i won't mess it up. >> alan: there's the pitch and didn't mess up too badly. he says it's great to see people supporting supporting the soldiers who have returned home and those still fighting. the federal government is now giving the okay to patients in certain v.a. hospitals to use medical marijuana. the department of veteran affairs says the treatment will
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be allowed in v.a. hospitals and clinics only in states where medical marijuana is legal. that includes california. veterans grounds complained that patients could be denied benefits and treatment if they were caught using medical marijuana. but v.a. doctors still cannot prescribe it because the drug is illegal under federal law. >> a close call at an air show in canada. and the fog moved out and the sun moved in, and leigh glaser will have your forecast. >> mike: the a's jack cust is heating up, two homers, and ben sheets is cooling down because of his elbow.ññññññññ7y7y7y7y@bu
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shopping right now at >> alan: a pilot survived a fiery crash of a fighter jet while practicing for an air show in canada. take a look at this. the pilot ejects just seconds before his cf18 fighter hits the ground and bursts into flames in alberta. that's 60 miles north of the
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border separating canada and montana. the pilot was 30 feet above the ground when he push the button and ejected. he managed to land just a few yard away from the giant fireball. investigators don't know what caused that mishap. cleanup crews started heading back to work in the gulf of mexico after tropical storm bonnie fizzled out today. this live picture from b.p. shows the cap that's kept the leaking deepwater horizon well plugged up for eight days. workers evacuated because of the storm. that delayed efforts by a woke to permanently seal the well. b.p. expects to resume drilling a relief well by monday that is season by many as the best way to end the crisis. >> leigh: bonnie fizzled and didn't cause so much trouble. >> alan: but there will be more
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to come. >> leigh: we're just now getting into the season there. for us, it's the season of the low clouds and fog. the summer weather pattern -- >> alan: what's up with that? >> leigh: we're looking north there in berkeley, and of course the low clouds already starting to stream over the bay. a good sign that all of this will head inland overnight tonight. here's a look at the current readings. 9 right now -- 89 in ant antioch. oakland at 63. 59 in san francisco. half moon bay, 57. so the fog bank sitting just off the coast will move inland overnight tonight. it will be a little more widespread than this time this morning -- will, this morning, today. tomorrow, those who may be participating in the san francisco marathon, you start running there at 5:30 tomorrow
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morning. look for clouds, maybe some mist and drizzle, temperature of about 66 degrees, and the cooling trend will stay with us through next week. here's what i'm talking about. you can see the wall of fog off the coast. the westerly winds will push it right back through the bay and head out towards the delta area overtight tonight. temperatures, mid-50s, and antioch, 60. all because of lower pressure sitting off the coast, pushing the low fog and clouds in. and this will also set the stage for cooler temperatures the next several days. this low was also helping to draw up some moisture from south to north through the sierra, and the line doppler hd picking up some isolated thunderstorms. and look at all those lightning strikes around reno. reno tied a record high today at
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102 degrees. because of the possibility of these dry lightning strikes, and also the isolated thunderstorms, fire weather watch is in effect throughout the day tomorrow for the sierra. with gusty winds near the storms as well. so, here's a look at the highs for sunday. more low clouds and fog tomorrow morning. temperatures will slowly cool a few degrees. 83 for los gatos. 75 for sunnyvale. half moon bay, pacifica, upper 50s. 62 for don't san francisco. north bay, a little cooler. santa rosa, 77. novato, 78. castro valley, 76. oakland, 68. and we bring temperatures down for brentwood and antioch. in the low 90s for you tomorrow. santa cruz, 66. morning overcast, maybe some afternoon sunshine for your neighborhood. watsonville, 67. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we start to cool things off, monday, tuesday,
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wednesday. inland, temperatures in the mid-to-low 80s. low clouds and fog near the coast, and subtle changes for thursday, friday, and saturday, and temperatures warm up. >> alan: they went to great heights to help a good cause today. here's an example. people repelling from the top of the grant hyatt in union square today. nearly 90 people signed up for the privilege of sliding down the side of the hotel on a rope. it takes about five minutes to travel from the roof to the ground. each person raised at least $1,000 and went to the special olympics. okay. mike shu here, shaking his head. >> mike: good cause for special olympics. the a's, put starting pitcher ben sheets on the dl, retroactive to july 20th, with a strained right elbow. the same ill bow he had repaired
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in 2009 and cost him in ther into season. so that's a big trading chip off the table. they re-called cedric bauers from triple-a. ben had a 4.35 e.r.a. bottom two, tied at 2. until barton knocks his second rbi in. pennington scores. oakland never looked back in the fourth, suzuki drills 2001 left. the umpires concur, a home run. 6-2, athletics. next batter, jack cust, jack be nimble, and jack connects. the a's roll. 10-2 your final. >> swung the bat well, and a good at-bat, and vinny through another great game and able to capitalize. didn't let up the whole game. >> it was a great team effort. great defense, great pitching, great hitting. just a well-played game.
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>> mike: the tour de france is all by over after the time trial after alberto contador put more distance between him and andy schleck. tomorrow, an individual time trial. schleck lost 31, finishing 44th today. so schleck takes second in the tour. contador finished 35th but extended his lead over schleck to 39 seconds. so barring a wild turn of events, contador will capture his third tour title. >> a little nfl news. t.o.'s time-out may be nearing an end with training camps set to open. terrell owens is reportedly close to fining a new team. espn is reporting the former buffalo bill and 49ers, and the rams have gotten aggressive in their pursuit. the bengals are also talking to owen. >> the pga tour went from
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scotland to canada for this week's event, the canadian open. used to be considered the fifth major. a major effort to get around a soggy st. george's country club. tim clark entered the day with the lead. finishers at 11 under. story of the day, carl petersson, shoots a 59. oh, lips out. a canadian open record. four become of our leader, american dean wilson, his second on the par-4 18th. sticks it to within a few feet. 65 for wilson. minus-15. now back to scotland. third round the senior open championship at carnoustie. corey pavin entered the day as the leader. he had an up and down round. 1-under 72, drives him to 3-under. everyone is chasing bernhard
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langer. check this out. hits the wall. amazingly gets up and down to save par. 69 for langer. at 6-under. three-stroke lead over pavin going into sunday. lpga in france. third round of the evian masters, check out alexis thompson, 15 years old. she is going to like this a lot. sets up an eagle. 5-under 67 for phenomenon -- thompson. then morgan pressle, her second. a fairway metal. leads to eagle. 6 for pressle, a two-stroke lead entering tomorrow's final round. >> giants looking for their third straight win over arizona in the desert. the score is 2-0. we have the highlights at 11:00. >> alan: thanks. up next, youtube invites you to help make a movie.
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>> alan: today san bruno based youtube is asking users to help make a feature film documenting life on earth. the "life in a day" movie wants you to capture a slice of your life and submit those moments on
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on youtube. kevin mcdonald will edit the footage into a movie, which will premiere at the 2011 sundance film necessary still. that's it for us. thanks for watching. hope to see you tonight at 11:00. good night. captioned by closed captioning services inc. break
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